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Fatima s convertion story

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Fatima s convertion story Empty Fatima s convertion story

Post  Admin Mon May 26, 2008 4:28 pm

This is my Revertion(convertion) story
I was a conservative Christian -- even had a website , www.sharissa.conservative.com(which no longer exsists) so anyway -- one late night, June of 2001 ,-I was up late in a Christian chatroom on AOL. And I met a guy in there, who I knew , knew a lot about God. And we started talking about God and things. So then I asked him,"Are you a Christian?" Thinking surely the answer would be , "yes". but it wasn't yes. It was "no". Then I asked him was he ever a Christian, and he said,"Yes, I was once a Christian". So I was astonished, and I was like, "well,Why aren't you a Christian any longer?" And he told me exactly why(and I forget his exact words)
But I know he said that the Creator, isn't His creation,nor apart of His creation. He doesn't PROCREATE, so He has not ,sons,daughters,wives,ETC. Therefore, He begets, nor was He beggoten,-None are comparable to Him. He alone is the Creator and Sustainer of the worlds. There is only one God. ETC. ETC.
So then I was like,"wow, okay "...then I asked,"what religion are you now?" And he said ,"I am a muslim." .. So then I was like wow ,okay cool, you know. And I said well you believe in just one God, and that Jesus(as) was only a prophet of God. And he said,"yes". So then later own though the week he Instant Messaged me -- but even though what he had said to me spoke truth to me, and he seemed like a real nice & smart person.
I was always "busy", or "doing something", didn't have enough time" ETC. ,ETC. I felt I was Christian and that I needed to grow more in my faith as a Christian. And when I was online
I would ignore him to talk to my Christian friends online.. or to read a Christian website ETC,ETC. Then one night I guess, I was just plain bored. So the guy Instant Messaged me. And we started talking, and he asked me ,"Have you ever read the Qur'an"? And I was like,"what the heck is the Qur'an?" Because
I heard of the Qur'an before , but I always seen it spelled "Koran". So then he told me to go to the "life-koran" chatroom on AOL. And so I did. And he told me to ask them what the Qur'an was , and ask them any other questions I might have. And so I asked them what the Qur'an was. And then I met a person in there named Jamaal, and he Instant Messaged me the next day , and over the course of the summer, Jamaal taught me about Islam when I was online.
And Islam started to make real sense to me(acually it made since when i met the fiirst muslim to me) So then it was August ,and school had started, and after school started I didn't really chat too much about islam, I didn't go into the chatroom that much, I wasn't online as much ETC. But I would talk to Jamaal when I would see him online. And so then here came September 11th. And WHOA, another reason to learn more about Islam. (by the way I suggest the website ISLAMDENOUNCESTERRORISM.com, and I say to you that killing innocents, is AGAINST the very essence of Islam) So I started to go into the Islamic chats more. And then one day in October me and Jamaal had a pretty good conversation on Islam. Then after that I wanted to be a muslim so bad. And I asked him HOW DO I BECOME MUSLIM? And he was like, well it isn't that simple--you have to take shahadah. And So he explained to me what shahadah is. And basically,Shahadah- is the profession of faith of a muslim, that is when he/she says,"There is no God ,but God- And Muhammad(peace be upon him) is messenger of God."And so then I started reading more of the Qur'an online. Then one day in early November Jamaal asked me was I ready to take Shahadah, and become a muslim. And I was like,YES ,YES, I been ready . And so on November 3rd, 2001, (it might have been the 4th because I was up until 4 that morning) Anyway I said Shahadah.. ..."THERE IS NO GOD ,BUT GOD -AND MUHAMMAD(PEACE BE UPON HIM) IS THE MESSENGER OF GOD" And I was a muslim at that moment, and I felt so much at peace -- like I had the pressence of angels around me (which I'm sure I did). And that is my story.~~~


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